Help/Service Desk Operations

Our client Service desks take a broader approach to IT management, for establishing, implementing, and overseeing the organization’s (or multiple organizations’) technology strategies, addressing business technology needs within their own purview to ensure business processes run as smoothly and technologically as possible.

SysPath Help Desk Operations assist customers with technical problems. Our associates are trained to use software to tabulate and track these reports from initiation to resolution. Designers review these problem reports implementing improvements.

At SysPath, the client’s end users turn to help desks to resolve issues they may experience with the organization’s product, service, or system. As such, our help desk support staff are bog down with answering questions and providing on-site help to users experiencing a problem. When necessary, they also escalate issues to a specialist or find alternative ways to resolve the issues.

Unlike a traditional help desk, the service desk’s reach extends beyond answering support questions to include the handling of a broad range of technology-related tasks like engaging in asset management, ensuring compliance for SLAs, managing key ITSM tasks, acting as a single point of the act for all IT functions, managing an entry-level ticket management service.

Our expertise maintains a vast library of information, which is an advantage for the business, customers, and employees. Information about problems are stored in the knowledge database. That saves valuable time and effort for the staff if future issues arise. Besides, the knowledge base is an online store-house of information for clients as well. The database is updated as and when necessary.

Our Key benefits of Help/Service Desk:

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